Senior Android Engineer

Job description


Intro to Circuit

Circuit's on a path to completely rebuilding the delivery experience, an area that hasn't see any significant change in decades.


Gone will the days where you need to wait in all day to receive a package, where you have to wait for 3 failed attempts to be able to pick it up from the depot, or where you're forced to stay in to sign for something you consider unimportant.


Already powering 200M deliveries per year, and rapidly scaling to 1B and beyond, this is an opportunity to join a fast-growing company set to influence the lives of hundreds of millions of people.


What we're looking for

Circuit is looking for a Senior Android Engineer to work alongside our existing Android developer.

We’re looking for someone who cares about quality code; beautiful, purposeful design; and that is comfortable working in a remote environment with a lot of autonomy. We're a product-led company, so prior experience building something exceptional, on any platform is required. We love builders, so bonus points for active or prior side-projects that have gained a little bit of traction.

Your Profile/Skills:
• 6+ years of professional experience developing Android apps.
• Competent with Kotlin.
• Experience working remotely preferred.

Your Role:
• Build Android applications with Kotlin.
• Enforce agreed-upon code standards and continue to escalate the quality of our codebase and product.
• Help architect new apps/APIs.
• Help maintain and improve existing systems.

Our Stack:
• Circuit is built on top of the Firebase and Google Cloud Platform.
• We use GitHub and Linear to get things organized and built.
• We use Intercom to communicate with customers regularly and directly.

How We Work:
• We are a small team of 9, 5 of which are developers. 
• You’ll work alongside our existing Android engineer.
• We encourage teammates to bring in well-reasoned opinions, productively disagree with us, and to make decisions based on technical merits.
• We’re obsessed with continuous improvement, and we’re not afraid to scrap work if we figure out a better way to do things.

We offer:
• £87.5k Salary + Equity.
• The flexibility to explore other disciplines in our stack.
• The ability to work flexibly.
• Swift decision making and flat hierarchies.
• A high degree of autonomy in your work.

Job requirements

• 6+ years experience building Android applications.

• Ideally, you've built, shipped, and iterated upon your own side projects.